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Dunya Estate is one of the leading real estate agencies in West Africa.

Established in 2020, Dunya Estate assists its clients in the acquisition of real estate in West Africa.

Dunya Estate puts at your disposal its expertise in the field of real estate in order to ensure the total security of all your real estate investments in Benin and in the West African sub-region, regardless of your geographical location.

It also offers the sale of land, apartments, houses and villas. From the very first contact, Dunya Estate takes care of its clients’ requests in order to provide suitable solutions. Rental properties are also available.


The land title is the written document or deed issued by the administrative authority (the land registrar) at the end or at the end of the procedure of confirmation of the right of ownership and which materializes the right of ownership of a person on his property.

The TF is issued by the steward of the land. The land registrar is the government official in charge of implementing the procedure for the issuance of the title deed called the land title.




If there is no objection or opposition, the land registrar has a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days from the time the file is processed to complete all the formalities and create the land ownership certificate.

The land title is issued by the communal land and property office of the place where the parcel is located.

Any sale of land with a land title must be recorded in a notarial deed or in a private deed filed with a notary.

The new land tenure system in force in the Republic of Benin is that of the confirmation of land rights, unlike the old system which was that of registration.

Confirmation of ownership is the procedure that allows for the administrative recognition of rights to a property, and results in the issuance of a certificate of land ownership.

It is a document making an inventory of rural land with registration of rights to it, as well as their holders, in order to meet individual and collective needs for land security, planning and investment, etc.


It is a procedure that allows the legal status of a piece of land to be changed from common law to a more restrictive legal regime

Action of changing the legal category of a piece of land in order to make it subject to the common law status again.

Formality by which the publicity of certain acts concerning an immovable is obtained, such as a mortgage; more simply, the action of entering or writing something in a register.

Public procedure that allows to register, under a serial number, a building identified by its main physical characteristics, in an ad hoc register called land book.

Transcription or mention on a public register of acts, contracts, declarations with or without payment of tax duty to the State or the local authority, in order to establish their existence and to give them a certain date.

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