Real estate among the most profitable sectors in Africa in 2022

If you want to invest in a market, it is important to do some research and benchmarking. That is, to see what is already working so that you can take advantage of the opportunities available to you. The sectors that are listed here have been the subject of dazzling and promising successes. Dunya estate lists the most profitable sectors in Africa in 2022.

Food and agribusiness

The opportunities in Africa’s agribusiness sector remain enormous and will not disappear anytime soon. With tens of millions of people to feed, the African food and agribusiness market represents a multi-billion opportunity for entrepreneurs who know where to look.Food production remains a huge opportunity. Cereals, milk and all sorts of raw and semi-processed agricultural products are still imported into Africa while the continent has a huge production capacity. Entrepreneurs who are able to produce locally could reap huge benefits. Opportunities in the food and agribusiness sector cover many different products along the value chain.See our farmlands: our offers.

 The retail trade

The retail market in Africa represents a real business opportunity. Africans are buying more and more items due to their growing economy, increasing middle class and rapid urbanization.The African retail market is undergoing a great change. Retail is gradually shifting from informal trade in open markets to organized trade in shopping malls and online stores.See our commercial properties:our offers

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