Buying in Africa: Four shortcuts to avoid

Excitement and anxiety: these opposing feelings often inhabit buyers. In order to successfully complete a purchase project, certain actions should be taken to be on the safe side and to help prevent unforeseen situations. You will benefit from including these three steps in your approach: the inspection, the legal guarantee and your financial capacity.


It is important to ensure that the property you are interested in is in good condition. Short response times sometimes lead buyers to neglect the pre-purchase inspection. This can have unfortunate financial and personal consequences. You should therefore include the inspection as a condition of purchase in your offer to the seller. A home inspector or recognized professional (DUNYA ESTATE) will provide you with a detailed report that describes the physical, property and tax condition of the property and will help you make important decisions. This report could become an important lever for negotiation, purchase or even abandonment. It will also inform you of potential work and administrative steps to take if you go ahead with the purchase.

Legal warranty

The legal guarantee includes both the guarantee of ownership and the guarantee of quality. The warranty of ownership concerns the defects of title. It protects the buyer against unforeseen events related to the title that could deprive him of his right of ownership or affect his rights as an owner. Example: Property under litigation, double sale, seizure

A seller may exceptionally decide not to guarantee the quality of his property. If this is the case, it must be clearly stated in the promise to purchase. This is a sale without legal warranty of quality, at the buyer’s risk. The buyer accepts to purchase the property in its current condition, with very limited recourse against the seller in case of hidden defects. Prevention is always better than cure, at the risk of passing up a seemingly attractive offer that has no legal guarantee.

New Home Warranty

For a new home, make sure you have proof that the builder stands behind the quality of the construction. Also, check to see if they offer a new home warranty program and visit homes they have built.

Certificate of location

Produced by a land surveyor, this professional document shows the current condition of the property to be financed (land, building, parking lot, outbuildings, etc.). This document also provides information about the titles and the cadastre, as well as the laws and regulations that may apply to the property. For example, a change to the building, lot, parking lot or neighbouring properties should normally be visible on a recent Certificate of Location. If it is not up to date, the certificate may not show any changes that could compromise the compliance of the property being purchased. The professional will include an updated description of the land, such as the total area. It will also indicate if the addition of a shed encroaches on an easement or a right of way for a public network, for example. Constraints associated with an agricultural or flood zone, for example, will also be noted. Encroachments, such as a neighbor’s construction directly on your property, and compliance with various municipal and government regulations are also included.

Your financial capacity: to execute your project properly!

At the beginning of this beautiful adventure, you will obtain an estimate of your buying or borrowing capacity. This is an essential step to visualize your margin of maneuver, while maintaining your quality of life. Don’t skip it!

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